I.T.Ex. S.r.l. Quality Services Via F. Parri, 65 - 20097 San Donato Mil. (MI), Italy    Phone: + 39 02 5187211   Fax: + 39 02 5560 7636   Email: info@itexqs.it    P.IVA 11339250158
SERVICES A   worldwide   expert   eye   over   the   Oil   &   Gas   installations,   marine   constructions,   chemical   and   any   other kind of industrial installations. For each task the most adequate team Global assistance and the highest attention to Client needs. I.T.Ex   S.r.l.   Quality   services,   supplies   Inspection   and   Testing,   Expediting,   Third   Party   Inspection   and   Qa/QC services   for   any   kind   of   equipment/machinery   (mechanical,   electrical,   electronic   and   instrumentation)   for   the Oil   &   Gas,   Petrochemical   and   Gas   treatment   Plants,   Refineries,   Chemical   Plants,   Power   Generation   Plants, Nuclear   Plants,   Industrial   Plants,   Production   and   Processing   On-shore   and   Off-shore   Facilities,   Manufacturing Industries    and    Civil    Installations    at    the    vendors’    premises    and    their    sub-suppliers    in    Italy,    Europe    and worldwide. All   of   these   services   are   assigned   to   highly   qualified   technical   personnel      having   a   wide   range   of   experiences. The   presence   of   multilingual   personnel   and   a   global   network   of   professionals   in   the   field   of   engineering   and inspection capable to locally supply the required expertise, are the key points of I.T.Ex team in the world. I.T.Ex   professionals   (Inspectors   and   Expediters)   are   located   in   the   most   strategic   industrial   areas   involved   with activities   related   to   Oil   &   Gas   production,   processing   and   distribution,   Power   generation,   Chemical,   Ship yards, etc., ensuring a global network to assist and satisfy our Clients’ requirements. Our   personnel   has   the   experience   and   qualifications   needed   to   handle   single   order   or   complex   tasks   and   to each   one,   adequate   individual   and/or   team   will   be   assigned,   in   order   to      meet   Client’s   requirements   and/or specific requests, in term of Management and Quality, avoiding delays and total compliance to specifications. The    purpose    of        Expediting    Service    is    to    ensuring    that    final    delivery,    required    from    the    Client,    will    be respected/achieved   by   continuous   monitoring   of   the   status   of   work   progress,   evaluate   any   issues   and   propose Corrective Actions   in   order   to   keep   the   delivery   dates,   always   respecting   the   quality   requirements   of   materials by performing all tests required. Due   to   their   competence   in   the   specific   field,   all   our   Experts   have   the   duty   to   fully   surveillance   and   analysis   of all   activities   at   the   suppliers   and   sub-supplier   premises   in   order   to   anticipate,   all   possible   technical   issues   and consequently unnecessary delays. Here below some activities performed (worldwide) by the Company throughout the years.