WORLDWIDE I.T.Ex    operates    worldwide    and    has    access    to    all    major    manufacturer    and    construction    yards    through subsidiaries     or     affiliated     companies,     representative     offices     and/or     co-operations     with     Self-employed professionals,   organised   and   monitored   from   a   single   organisation   centre   that      is   exclusively   managed   by   the main office in San Donato Milanese. This   kind   of   organisation   allows   the   Client   to   have   a   unique   interface   granting   timely   intervention,   Customer care, and eventually managing criticalities and/or emergencies. The   co-ordination   centre   is   available   24   hours   7   days   a   week,   in   order   to   ensure   continuous   assistance coverage, reconciling different time zones and/or the different weekly holidays.
I.T.Ex. S.r.l. Quality Services Via F. Parri, 65 - 20097 San Donato Mil. (MI), Italy    Phone: + 39 02 5187211   Fax: + 39 02 5560 7636   Email:    P.IVA 11339250158