The   best   way   we   have   to   show   you   our   skills   is   inviting   you   to   visit   “our   world”   and   be   part   of   “our   organization”.   Trust   us,   we   are   sure   of   a faster and better gowth once know-how and skills are shared.
ABOUT US I.T.Ex    S.r.l.    Quality    Services    (Inspection,    Testing,    Expediting)    is    acting    as    Technical   Agency    which provides   Inspection   (Second   &   Third   Party),   Testing,   Expediting   and   QA/QC   services   in   the   field   of   Oil   & Gas   (On-shore   and   Off-shore),   Petrochemical,   Power   generation,   Nuclear   and   any   other   installation   for industrial   production   at   manufacturers’   premises   and   sub-contractors   locations   throughout   Italy/Europe and abroad. The   Company   founded   by   Angelo   Corigliano   in   1994   with   the   intent   of   proposing   to   the   market   services with   a   high   level   of   quality,   reliability   and   integrity,   ensuring   compliance   to   national   and   international standard   and   law   abiding   in   environment,   health   and   safety   matters,   offering   tailor   made   solutions   at   the most   convenient   conditions.   It   relies   on   the   professionalism   of   qualified   engineers   and   technicians   having more   than   30   years   experience   in   various   disciplines   and   industrial   fields,   capable   of   assisting   Clients   in achieving their objective in an efficient and effective way. With   a   share   capital   (fully   deposited)   of   €   3.000.000,00   is   based   in   San   Donato   Milanese   (Milan)   –   Italy, other operative offices are located in Italy and other critical areas for the production
I.T.Ex. S.r.l. Quality Services Via F. Parri, 65 - 20097 San Donato Mil. (MI), Italy    Phone: + 39 02 5187211   Fax: + 39 02 5560 7636   Email:    P.IVA 11339250158