ABOUT US I.T.Ex S.r.l. Quality Services is an Inspection and Testing Agency active in Civil and Industrial fields, established in Italy in 1994 with the purpose to supply high quality services to the market place, satisfy Client’s requirements by offering competitive technical solutions.
GOALS I.T.Ex  focussed on Global Assistance and Great Attention to Client needs, therefore. the first objective is to satisfy and exceed Client’s expectations offering Ethics, Integrity and Quality respectful of Environment and Safety via a continuous co-operation with them, ensuring worldwide availability 365 days per year.
VALUES We believe the is not enough to focus on training and professionalism, but most of all on the education of the new generations towards respect to humans, to their culture and the environment, all of them integrated into the social contest. Independence, Integrity, Health and Safety and Environment are the cornerstone value of our work helping us in our strategy for sustainable and profitable growth.
I.T.Ex. S.r.l. Quality Services Via F. Parri, 65 - 20097 San Donato Mil. (MI), Italy    Phone: + 39 02 5187211   Fax: + 39 02 5560 7636   Email: info@itexqs.it    P.IVA 11339250158
MISSION I.T.Ex S.r.l. Quality Services supplies to all customers high quality services capable to satisfy their needs and helping them achieving the best results  with minimum cost implications.
MANAGEMENT The ideal way to show our competence is to invite you visit our world and become a participant to our Organisation. Give us the opportunity, we are certain that by sharing competences and knowledge we could grow better and quicker.
CONTACTS I.T.Ex. S.r.l. Quality Services Group Via F. Parri, 65 - 20097 San Donato Mil. (MI), Italy Phone: + 39 02 5187211 Fax: + 39 02 5560 7636 Email: info@itexqs.it P.IVA 11339250158